We are proud to be one of the many amazing practices and businesses here at The Eye Center of Columbus.  Located in the Arena District, The Eye Center is home to eye surgeons, a prescription eyewear retailer, pharmacy, deli, and, of course, us!  We are happy to cover your parking when you come to visit us.  The Neil Ave Garage (300 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH 43215) is the best option to park, however, there is valet service if you need it.  Take a look at the businesses you can visit below.
The Eye Center of Columbus Building Directory

Arlington Optical- Suite 110
Leslie J. Humphrey, O.D.
Timothy E. McNemar, F.N.A.O.

The Hearing Center of Ohio- Suite 120
Richard Frankenberg, B.S., BC-HIS

Arena District Pharmacy- Suite 130
(614) 569-4799

Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank- Suite 140

Dale's Deli- Suite 150
(614) 221-5558

Eye Center Foundation- Suite 160

Neuro-Ophthalmology & Orbital Surgery- Suite 210

The Retina Group- Suite 220
(614) 464-3937
Christiane K. Hunt, D.O.
Mitchel E. Opremcak, M.D.
Chirag C. Patel, M.D.
Alan J. Rehmar, M.D.
Chet D. Ridenour, M.D.

OhioHealth Primary Care Physicians- Suite 230
(614) 533-6740
Shannon Codispoti, M.D.
Janice Feng, M.D.
Rena M. Henriques, M.D.
Shannon Kauffmann, M.D.
William A. Mains, M.D.
Richard J. Seidt, M.D.
Randy Sharma, M.D.

Arena Eye Surgeons-  Suite 320
(614) 228-4500
Gregory W. DeNaeyer, O.D.
Wendy A. Kirkland, M.D.
Curtin G. Kelley, M.D.
Carrie A. Lembach, D.O.
Karl Pappa, M.D.
John R. Stechschulte, M.D.
Peter J. Utrata, M.D.

Midwest Retina-  Suite 330
(614) 339-8500
Lisa M. Borkowski, M.D.
Dominic M. Buzzacco, M.D.
Louis J. Choric, III, M.D.
Johnstone M. Kim, M.D.
Mark D. Lomeo, M.D.
Sugat S. Patel, M.D.
Dino D. Kilsovic, M.D.

Plastic Surgery Ohio/Refractive Center of Ohio-  Suite 410
(614) 827-6712
John A. Burns, M.D.
Kenneth V. Cahill, M.D.
Alice T. Epitropoulos, M.D. 
Jill A. Foster, M.D. 

Central Ohio Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Inc.-  Suite 420
(614) 224-4297
Jack Dingle, M.D.
Thomas J. Dingle, M.D. 

Ophthalmic Surgeons & Consultants of Ohio, Inc.-  Suite 430
(614) 221-7464
Douglas N. Baker, M.D.
John A. Burns, M.D.
Kenneth V. Cahill, M.D.
Megan M. Chambers, M.D.
Alice T. Epitropoulos, M.D.
Jill A. Foster, M.D.
David M. Lehman, M.D.
Cameron B. Nabavi, M.D.
Daniel G. Straka, M.D.
Jeremy F. Tan, M.D.

Central Ohio Neuro-Ophthalmology-  Suite 440
(614) 221-4166
Avrom D. Epstein, M.D.

Ambulatory Surgery-  Suite 550

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