Client Reviews of The Hearing Center of Ohio

The Hearing Center of Ohio solved our three year search for a hearing aide thanks to Dick Frankenberg and his high tech equipment. We have been to several other hearing professionals, but here we got clear information, straight forward answers to questions, and an opportunity to see and try a hearing aid to meet unique needs.

Four days after getting the hearing aide it got wet in the shower. I called Dick in a panic and heard back in an hour. Forty-five minutes later a “hearing dryer” was delivered to my house. If you want a quality product, at a competitive price, and a top notch caring , friendly professional, go here. On top of that the location access is easy and convenient. The parking is free, and so is the hearing test.

Highly recommended!

– Sandy M.

Prior to visiting the Hearing Center of Ohio, I could hardly communicate with others in a one-to-one communication. Now, I could hear clearly even when attending a public meeting. My recent visit to the center helps to eliminate the buzzing noise in my hearing aid when I’m around a loud environment.
My experience with Mr. Dick Frankenberg was terrific! He is a very patient and dedicated hearing specialist. The hearing test was conducted in detail and accuracy. During our second visit, Mr. Frankenberg gladly and sincerely helped me with my buzzing hearing aid. As a doctor, he cares earnestly for his patient’s condition and understands his patient’s needs. He is also able to detect a problem and take the right action to overcome it. Despite the language barrier between us, due to my poor English proficiency, he could understand my problems and give the right solution.
For room of improvement, the speaker on the hearing aid I purchased is located at the rear of the device, thus increasing the volume of the speaker behind me more rather than the speaker in front of me.

Liem Eng H.

After getting his hearing aids, Mark M’s life changed for the better.  He’s had them for a while now and he shared this quote from his wife LaDonna …
“Do you realize how long it’s been since you’ve said, ‘What?’?”
What a relief it was.

Mark M.

The Center was convenient with parking available. My appointment was on time and everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. Those who I have told to go there have been extremely satisfied. You can look forward to a truly enjoyable experience! They even call once and awhile to see how things are going and if I have any questions. The Hearing Center of Ohio exceeded my expectations!

Susan S.

I can’t begin to thank Dick and his receptionist enough for the top notch service I received at The Hearing Center of Ohio. Not only did they accomplish in one visit what I could not get done in three weeks from another provider, they were able to do it in a welcoming, professional manner. After having parked mistakenly at a meter the receptionist even ran out and fed the meter when my appointment ran long (my fault). I would recommend the office to anyone who find themselves in this very humbling and emotional situation. Great job guys!

James B.

My mom’s hearing aid was broken on 1 side. She was 3000 miles away from home and didn’t have hear spare pair with her. I have searched for places that would take a look and repair her hearing aid in a hurry. We first went to a store in north Columbus and was told it was not repairable and was demo a brand new pair for $3000+. After a friend recommend us to check with Dick at The Hearing Center of Ohio, we were so glad we did. Dick was super courteous from the first time we talk. He offered to take a look at the hearing aid and called us on the same day that it was repaired! There was nothing more than a clog inside the unit and he fixed it. He also replaced the tube that was harden, gave battery packs, and gave the beautiful carrying case. Not once that he tries to sell the new hearing aid unit to my mom. He was honest and very professional. It was wonderful experience for us and we highly recommend The Hearing Center of Ohio. Before we left, he offered a free hearing test and consultation for when there are hearing aid sales. We will definitely be coming back!

Ampawan N.

That Saturday, as I waited for the car to arrive, I was so excited.  I felt giddy.  This was the first time for the family to be all together since I had gotten my hearing aids on Wednesday.
As we drove along, the conversation flowed!  First I sat quietly- just listening.  I had wanted to see what it felt like to be in this situation.  It felt so good!  I heard all the voices clearly, didn’t have to strain at all.We slipped into “our” booth and took our regular places.  The noise was normal.  I could hear everything, and I felt such a part of the group.  I hadn’t avoided places or individuals before because of my loss of hearing, but it was clear that I had felt not exactly “in. ”Suddenly everyone was asking about me, and I had to say I heard everything and enjoyed being a part of it all.

Lena L.