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Cost vs. Value

A frequent barrier to better hearing is "cost".  This is because of the technology involved and the required expertise of the Hearing Instrument Specialist to properly administer hearing devices.  Hearing aids have different levels of technology that can determine the cost of the device.  Hearing devices are designed for different lifestyles and for individual hearing needs.  That’s why we suggest that you think of hearing devices as a long-term solution, as opposed to a one-time purchase. 

When you buy a hearing aid, you’re making an investment; an investment in your career, your family, and the improved quality of your life.  If your Hearing Instrument Specialist recommends hearing aids, we hope that you’ll consider their "value" and the positive impact they will have on your life and those close to you.  Good quality hearing aids range from $1600 for basic models to $4900 for the most exotic models with advanced features.

Our staff at the The Hearing Center of Ohio is truly committed to improving and connecting lives through better hearing.  That's why we offer affordable payment options to fit any budget.  Also, during your visit we will contact your health insurance company to discover if your policy has coverage for hearing instruments.

We are confident we can find a hearing solution for you.  The first step is to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation. 

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