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Take a look at some of our blog posts with new information about hearing loss, hearing aids, and more!  We want to make sure that everyone is aware of everything there is to know about the hearing aid industry, so that they can be knowledge consumers.  We at The Hearing Center of Ohio have heard some unfortunate stories from our patients about their experiences at other hearing centers, and we never want anyone to have a bad experience with us.  So, we take pride in educating our patients, so that they can make educated decisions about their hearing health.
The holiday season is a terrible time to be unable to hear clearly.  We have an opportunity to releive that struggle for one lucky person.  Learn about our annual Gift of Hearing Contest and how to nominate someone!
Who knew hearing loss could be funny? Have a little laugh with us with these cartoons!
The minute you notice hearing loss, you should get hearing aids. Here's why.
It may seem that the signs of hearing loss are obvious, but that isn't always the case. Discover the 7 signs of hearing loss you can't ignore in this post.
Read this incredible story about how hearing aids saved this couples life during the tornados in Grove City.
Caring for your hearing aid is essential for making it last a long time! Read this article for tips on hearing aid care and how to ensure it works lo
Is severe hearing loss impacting your life? Here are the 5 most common causes you should know and how you can treat your hearing loss.
Top 6 Hearing Aid Tips for Maximizing Auditory Benefits
Maximizing the auditory benefits of a hearing aid is crucial for its users. Click here to read our collection of easy and effective hearing aid tips.
The Hidden Healthcare Cost Behind Untreated Hearing Loss
Did you know that people who suffer from hearing loss have higher medical bills?  Learn more here.
Hearing aid accessories are a great way to get the most out of your device.  Click here to discover which accessories are the most effective in this regard.
There are a few different types of hearing loss, and some can be prevented. Click here for essential information about hearing loss and what you can do to help.
Are you noticing your old hearing aids starting to wear out?  Then don't miss out on your complete guide to prolonging hearing aid battery life.  Learn everything you need to know to keep your hearing aids working for much longer.
Treating hearing loss has been shown to improve relationships, communication, earning power, overall health, and confidence.  See what can be impacted if you do not treat your hearing loss.
The Hearing Center of Ohio has joined the fight against Alzheimer's.  Learn about our involvement with Coach Earle Bruce's Athletes Against Alzheimer's Radiothon this August.
WebMD recently did a study on the benefits of hearing aids both from the perspective of hearing aid purchasers and healthcare professionals.  Look at what they found!