Christmas bow
Christmas bow

Winner has been announced!
​The Gift of Hearing
Posted 1/9/18

The Gift of Hearing is an annual contest that we put on at The Hearing Center 
of Ohio during the holiday season.  People nominate themselves or a loved one
to receive a pair of free Starkey hearing aids.  The nominations are read by a 
third party individual, and they choose the winner of the hearing aids.

This year we were grateful to receive a multitude of nominations from people
around the community.  They were all wonderful nominations, but one stood

out among the rest to us and of course to the third party who chose it as

A woman named Marilyn Oliver sent in a heartwarming nomination for her husband Terry, which ended up being the contest winner.  In the inspiring letter, Marilyn wrote about Terry's role as a great husband, father, grandfather and caregiver.  After meeting and fitting Terry for his new hearing aids, we are truly excited to Give the Gift of Hearing to Terry.

In less than a year, you too can try to win The Gift of Hearing for yourself or a loved one.  Stay up-to-date through our website or through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts!

Have a wonderful year!

- Dick Frankenberg

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